Kitchen Remodel

Create a more beautiful and functional space while you add value to the heart of your home.
The kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. It is your gathering area for cooking, baking, entertaining, kids, homework, crafting, family, friends, holidays, or just hanging out with your bestie! Back in the day of “I Love Lucy”, the kitchen was the woman’s domain with the sole purpose of catering to her husband and family (although Lucy and Ethel did cook up a lot more trouble than dinner in that kitchen!) The man was forbidden to enter and really had no desire to...except to eat.
Fast forward more than half a century later...and times have changed! The art of cooking is now being enjoyed by men and women, and has become a family affair! Children are inspired to begin cooking at a young age, thanks to shows and competitions on channels like the Food Network. The modern-day kitchen needs to be user-friendly and fun for everyone in the family.
The team at Austin Fanning General Contractors will help you determine the best design, plan, and selections for your kitchen renovation or addition, by evaluating your lifestyle, needs, space, and budget. This is an area where the function is a priority, without diminishing form and fashion.
Who is your family???
“Mad About You” - Young, professionals -and couples - living in a City or Urban community - who enjoy sleek contemporary lines, the look of luxury. The extent of your cooking is reheating take-out and making coffee. Busy, on the run, no fuss lifestyle.
Your kitchen may be smaller if you live in these areas, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a big statement. If you are NOT a foodie and cooking is not a priority, marble countertops are a sure way to make an impression and is an excellent choice for resale to other trendy couples and singles. The beauty of marble and its characteristic veining pattern is exquisite. Create a sleek, clean, and modern kitchen by coordinating marble and stainless steel appliances and light fixtures with black, gray, or white cabinets, floors, and backsplashes.
“The Brady Bunch” - Mom, Dad, the kids, the pets, and the housekeeper (if you’re lucky!) - Suburbanites, with busy kids and lots of activities in the house - birthdays, playdates, sleepovers, and even impromptu Talent Shows! Unexpected chaos, heavy use, and high traffic. Casual, family-oriented lifestyle.
Everything is happening in your kitchen and everyone is using your kitchen! You want to choose materials and designs that are going to give you ease of maintenance, high function, and lots of space. Do you need to bust down a wall to make an open floor plan to the family room? This is a perfect spot to add a peninsula for extra seating and keep the kids away from your prep areas. Equip it with a microwave at kid height, a beverage drawer, and cabinet storage for snacks so that they can fend for themselves and their friends. Opt for easy-clean sealed cooktops, and other smudge free appliances to eliminate fingerprints and constant cleaning. Two sinks (one on the perimeter, and one on the island) will allow for two prep areas, as well as two dishwashers to keep sinks free. Your island should have enough seating to accommodate all members of the family and at least two guests. A kitchen table can be eliminated if your island and peninsula give you enough seating. Instead, use that space to add a computer/desk workstation so that you can keep an eye on the kid’s internet browsing! Manufactured quartz is the best bet for countertops as it does not require sealing, and is highly stain resistant. Tile or laminate floors offer the best wear and easiest cleanup.
“The Sopranos” - Your immediate family, your extended “family”, Sunday dinners, big Holidays, gourmet cooking, heavy use. Traditional living, semi-formal to formal lifestyle.
Your home and your lifestyle reflect old world style and family traditions. Your kitchen is the showplace of the house. This is a high functioning kitchen with the main purpose being COOKING and entertaining daily. Carved raised panel cabinets, with coordinating panels on appliance fronts. Thick crown and base moldings throughout. Granite or quartzite countertops in rich, warm colors and rolling patterns. Industrial size stoves and ovens, and a massive custom designed exhaust hood as a statement piece. Ceiling medallions coordinate with chandeliers and pendant lighting made of old forged iron with ornate scrolled curves. Tin ceilings, decorative pillars, pediments, and corbels for architectural interest. Oversized farmhouse sink plus additional sinks with oil rubbed bronze or distressed black faucets and hardware. Multiple dishwashers, pot fillers, wine coolers, travertine floors, decorative inlays on backsplashes. Wet bar/espresso area. No detail is overlooked. Island seating plus space to accommodate a large family table with distressed leather high back chairs. A butler pantry connecting to the Formal Dining Room. Last but not least - don't forget to pick which outside wall the brick oven for homemade pizza will be built on!